Hand-tied bouquets are the most popular way of sending flowers nowadays.
They're impressively arranged before they leave the shop, so all the person receiving them has to do is unwrap them and put them in a vase. A hand-tied can be packaged in an aqua pack- i.e. in water, which ensures that the flowers stay as fresh as possible. If you would prefer to have your hand-tied to be an aqua pack, please let us know.

Single flowers are a small, simple token that demonstrate love and affection.
Roses are perhaps the most traditional gift of all, an expression of adoration where the meaning is all in the gesture.

Classic bouquets are more traditional than handties.
The flowers are loosely packed, so that the person receiving them can arrange them however they like, a thoughtful touch if they enjoy arranging flowers. From the sweet to the spectacular, the classic to the contemporary, posies and baskets come in all shapes and sizes.
Because they're self-contained, they make a versatile gift - ideal for home or office. 

Arrangements don't have to be formal, but they do tend to be more defined in their shape and content than bouquets.
Ideal for anything from a table centre to an office reception, they can offer almost any variation in size and complexity -- from striking and contemporary to detailed and traditional. 

As messages go, 'Welcome to the world' is a pretty big one.
There's this incredible, beautiful, unique new baby and you want to welcome it with something... well, unique and beautiful. That's the magic of flowers: every single bouquet is different, chosen to reflect exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Floristry design has changed a lot in recent years
In many cases, the traditional bouquet or arrangement has given way to something more stylish and contemporary. If you need something really special or striking, simply ask us.